H- Puppies



Birthday: 04. Juni 2007

Puppies: 7 / 2



The parents



Apollo Leo vom Illertal


Birthday: 14.04.2001

DLZB: 17615

HD: free A2



Owner: Andrea & Trudpert Sontag


Eigene Seite mit weiteren Infos, Bildern und Ahnentafel


Enya von der Frankenhöhe


Birthday: 06.03.2005

DLZB: 20274

HD: free A1









Pedigree H-Wurf vom Holzland AVK and IK H-Wurf vom Holzland

Cradle tabulator

Development of the puppies with pictures



Our H-Puppies are planned at Juni 2007.

As Father we taked Apollo Leo vom Illertal.

Apollo was the father of our E-puppies in 2005, from this puppies we have our Eszra. From this experience we know, that Apollo leaves very good his excellent characteristics. The dogs of our E-puppies are all very bone-strongly and strongly dogs with excellent long skin and darkbrown eyes. And very particularly the very good character leaves Apollo to his babies.

With our Enya who has a very good HD-line and her loveful charakter we hope, that we become very nice and sweet babies.



On 4th Juni our Enya had born her 12 babies. 7 males and 2 females came to world, who are liveful and healthy. Unfortunately 3 babies were born death.

The puppies are all between 500 and 600 gram, they are very lifeful and active. Enya supplies her babies very good. We are happy that we can draw up the babies.



Enya in der 5. Trächtigkeitswoche


Unsere Enya ist jetzt in der 7. Trächtigkeitswoche und, wie man sieht, trägt sie schon einen richtig großen Bauch umher.

Seit heute haben wir auch schon erste Welpenbewegungen gespürt.

Wir sind sehr gespannt auf nächste Woche und freuen uns riesig auf Enyas Babys.